Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 11 - Christmas Traditions

What are some of your favourite traditions during the Christmas season?

I know for my some of the things my family does during Christmas are always the same and it wouldn't feel right without them.

1. On Christmas morning we have a very set way of doing things. We all wake up (later now than we used to) and come downstairs and when we are all ready we open our stockings. Then we clean up from that and have a big and delicious breakfast. After breakfast we go to where the Christmas tree is set up and we read the Christmas story from the Scriptures. Then we sort the presents and we all go around in turns and open one present at a time.

2. Our lunch on Christmas is always what I call the "Cheese Meal". Mom usually for the month of December (and even November) looks for good deals on really fancy cheese like bree and gouda, etc. For lunch on Christmas we have the cheese, cream cheese, crackers, and often soup ( we almost always get cans of soup in our stockings).

3. The last couple of years my Dad has gotten into the habit of hiding a dill pickle in the Christmas tree. And then the hunt is on. We have to hunt in the tree for the pickle and the person who finds it first gets to open the first present.

4. The first "Christmas" tradition of the year in our family actually happens on Halloween. One Halloween night between handing out candy to trick r treaters we have a chip and dip meal while watching It's A Wonderful Life.

These are some of the Christmas traditions that without Christmas would not look the same.

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