Thursday, 27 March 2014

Christian Music Reload.

So I had gone through about a year or so slump of not really liking Christian music that much. I think part of the problem was that I hadn't found anything new that I had really liked both lyrically and musically. Often times those two aspects were completely separate. I would like one but not the other.

But I would have to thank my friend JRae <== check out her awsomeness
for introducing me to some of my new favourites.

For our Easter play this year a bunch of the women at our church are singing this song...

This song is so much fun to sing. It has been stuck in my head from the first time I heard it. 

I was also able to go to a concert by Vertical Church Band in Barrie. They are now also one of my new favourite groups. Click the link to see their page on Youtube.

I am so thankful that God has given us music. It is so much easier to speak truth in a song then with just words. Plus an epic drum solo can never heart :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Frozen Movie....but A Warmed Heart

Okay so I know that most of you have heard of the movie Frozen....and are probably already sick of the covers of the "Let it Go" song. For example this one....which is amazing:

But I just watched it for the first time last night and although I love all Disney Princess movies this one will take a special place in my heart. And here are a couple reasons:

1. There is a recurring theme in the whole movie which states that it is crazy to marry a guy you just met. This in a Disney Princess movie. 
2. The main theme is not the romance between a girl and a guy. The main theme is about the love between two sisters and how we do not need to be afraid or conceal what makes us different. 
3. There is a talking snowman who loves warm hugs. Enough Said. 
4. The musical score in this movie is amazing. I had all the songs stuck in my head long before I had ever watched the movie. 
5. I was laughing my way through this whole film. I really enjoy a good comedy that makes me laugh and is not inappropriate. 

So if you are in need of a good laugh this is a great movie for you to watch tonight. Grab some popcorn and a nice blanket and enjoy the silliness. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Day 15 - Aunty x2

So guess what

Guess what

Guess What!!!!!!!!

I am an Aunty times 2. My sister went into labour on December 16th and I now have a little beautiful (and hairy) niece. I have been taking care of my nephew the past couple of days so I haven't really had time to post anything about it. I am so excited to see this wee one grow and develop a personality. And to teach her all the things that Aunties just need to teach the nieces and nephews.

Here she is :) My wee niece Melody Joy Gordon. She is 7 lbs 1oz and 20.6 inches long. And she has so much brown hair like seriously. Look at this.....

This is such a beautiful early Christmas present for my family. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 14 - Christmas Holiday? Sort of 1

So I just found out that I am going to get a week off work :) yeah. From December 14 - Dec 22.

In some ways it is annoying not to be earning a pay check that week, but it is also great to be able to have a week to hang out with my Grandma and brother who will be at my house, hopefully see my new little niece (Due date is the 18th) and so many other things.

Now I just need to make sure that I use my time wisely. My first thought is that I just want to sleep the whole way through it, but that isn't very productive or a valuable use of my time. I should make up a idea list of things that I want to do next week. Maybe I can get some handmade stuff done for Christmas?

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day 13 - Christmas Music on the Radio

So I had an thought while driving home from work tonight. I had found a entirely Christmas music station (we had been listening to it at work earlier as well) and I was wondering why Christian music is even acceptable in today's culture. Sure it has its fair share of Santa and secular Christmas music, but almost have of the songs reference Jesus, Mary, Bethlehem, include some that are straight from the hymn book. My two conclusions were that:

1. People start feeling more "religious" around Christmas time. Maybe it brings back their upbringing or they just think it is the right thing to do so they are offended by something that is clearly from Scripture.

2. They don't actually listen to the words and just hear them as the "classics" of Christmas.

I know this sounds cynical but these were my two thoughts. Then I thought that maybe even if this is something that most people will miss, maybe someone out there will actually listen and wonder about something their hear in a Christmas carol this month. Maybe it will make them curious so they attend a local church and hear more.

My prayer for this month is that people will not just get caught up in the secularism of Christmas and actually hear the words and listen to the story.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 12 - Christmas Lights

So on my drive home from work tonight, I noticed a couple of houses that have amazing Christmas lights up. It always makes the drive a little bit more interesting when I can look at all the beautiful lights that I can see around.

I always think the lights that are timed to music are great. (But probably so annoying to their neighbours)

None of the lights on my drive home compare to those but hey....that is what YouTube is for right.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 11 - Christmas Traditions

What are some of your favourite traditions during the Christmas season?

I know for my some of the things my family does during Christmas are always the same and it wouldn't feel right without them.

1. On Christmas morning we have a very set way of doing things. We all wake up (later now than we used to) and come downstairs and when we are all ready we open our stockings. Then we clean up from that and have a big and delicious breakfast. After breakfast we go to where the Christmas tree is set up and we read the Christmas story from the Scriptures. Then we sort the presents and we all go around in turns and open one present at a time.

2. Our lunch on Christmas is always what I call the "Cheese Meal". Mom usually for the month of December (and even November) looks for good deals on really fancy cheese like bree and gouda, etc. For lunch on Christmas we have the cheese, cream cheese, crackers, and often soup ( we almost always get cans of soup in our stockings).

3. The last couple of years my Dad has gotten into the habit of hiding a dill pickle in the Christmas tree. And then the hunt is on. We have to hunt in the tree for the pickle and the person who finds it first gets to open the first present.

4. The first "Christmas" tradition of the year in our family actually happens on Halloween. One Halloween night between handing out candy to trick r treaters we have a chip and dip meal while watching It's A Wonderful Life.

These are some of the Christmas traditions that without Christmas would not look the same.