Saturday, 7 December 2013

Day 13 - Christmas Music on the Radio

So I had an thought while driving home from work tonight. I had found a entirely Christmas music station (we had been listening to it at work earlier as well) and I was wondering why Christian music is even acceptable in today's culture. Sure it has its fair share of Santa and secular Christmas music, but almost have of the songs reference Jesus, Mary, Bethlehem, include some that are straight from the hymn book. My two conclusions were that:

1. People start feeling more "religious" around Christmas time. Maybe it brings back their upbringing or they just think it is the right thing to do so they are offended by something that is clearly from Scripture.

2. They don't actually listen to the words and just hear them as the "classics" of Christmas.

I know this sounds cynical but these were my two thoughts. Then I thought that maybe even if this is something that most people will miss, maybe someone out there will actually listen and wonder about something their hear in a Christmas carol this month. Maybe it will make them curious so they attend a local church and hear more.

My prayer for this month is that people will not just get caught up in the secularism of Christmas and actually hear the words and listen to the story.

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