Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Day 15 - Aunty x2

So guess what

Guess what

Guess What!!!!!!!!

I am an Aunty times 2. My sister went into labour on December 16th and I now have a little beautiful (and hairy) niece. I have been taking care of my nephew the past couple of days so I haven't really had time to post anything about it. I am so excited to see this wee one grow and develop a personality. And to teach her all the things that Aunties just need to teach the nieces and nephews.

Here she is :) My wee niece Melody Joy Gordon. She is 7 lbs 1oz and 20.6 inches long. And she has so much brown hair like seriously. Look at this.....

This is such a beautiful early Christmas present for my family. 

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  1. Yeah! I've been waiting for pictures. I'm sure some are up on Facebook, but since I don't have that... :-) Congratulations and have fun being an Auntie.